New Meter Request

Welcome to the Cross Country Water Supply Corporation Community.  Please contact our office by phone or use the "Contact Us" tab for any questions you may have. 

Q:  "I just purchased a home in your area, how do I get service?"

A:  "First thing we need to identify is if your home is on our system.  Cross Country is one of 4 Water Corporations that serve the China Spring area.  Once we have determined that you are in fact on our system, we will then need to know if you are moving into an existing home or if you purchased property and plan to build.  This is important because if helps us determine if you are needing NEW SERVICE or TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIPNew service is used when there is not an existing meter on the property.  If you are moving into the area and you are purchasing an existing home, you would need to do a transfer. "  Please refer to the "Forms & Reports" tab, then select "All Forms & Reports"  for a better explanation of what paperwork will be needed for your circumstance.