About Us

Cross Country WSC is a member-owned, non-profit corporation incorporated pursuant to the Texas Water Code Chapter 67, and the provisions of the Texas Business Organizations Code applicable to member owned member controlled non-profit corporations for the purpose of furnishing potable water and or sewer utility service. Corporation operating policies, rates, and regulations are adopted by the Board of Directors elected by the Members of the Corporation.

  1. 1971 Cross Country WSC was established.
  2. 1972 Well #1 drilled.
  3. 1975 Well #2 drilled.
  4. 1977 Well #3 drilled.
  5. 1979 The Certificate of Convenience and Necessity was issued. This established and certified our service area with the state of Texas.
  6. 1993 Well #5 drilled.
  7. 1995 Well #6 drilled.
  8. 1999 Well #7 drilled.

 At Cross Country we care about our members.  We are dedicated to making you feel at home when you come to visit, and we strive to make your experiences with us pleasant ones.